Post Injury Rehabilitation

What is an injury rehabilitation practice?

The popularity of post injury rehabilitation in commercial fitness facilities as well as personal training studios and in-home training is reaching a critical mass point. In the previous decade, post-rehab was viewed as a fringe component of fitness, where only a small handful of trainers were willing to work with injury rehabilitation and medical fitness clients, whereas it’s now becoming a staple of most continuing education programs to offer some form of training on injury rehabilitation practices for personal trainers.

Soon, entire facilities will be devoted to medical fitness, and personal trainers will be able to direct-bill insurance companies for their services.

So I’m sure many trainers are wondering how they can get in on this growing segment of the personal training market. First off, I’m going to burst a few bubbles and say that there are a lot of people who should definitely NOT be in post-rehab training. It involves a little bit more in the way of documentation, assessments, and a knowledge base of the anatomical and physiological processes involved in injury rehabilitation. It won’t be Johnny Bench Press who wants to train all his clients to get jacked and swole, show up 2 minutes before (or after) the session is supposed to start and do whatever the hell he feels like doing that day, regardless of whether the client says it hurts or not.


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