What Jay Hunponu-Wusu says about us?

Weight……Hate it. I had always been a big girl. I used the excuse of it runs in the family for a very long time. I started my slow and steady climb to size 24 when I was about 8 years old. Honestly I didn’t know how big I was, I carried myself well and dressed appropriately for my size. bloodstream.
In January 2011 one of my girlfriends told me she started working out, met a personal trainer at her local gym and has started a program with him. She told me about the circuit classes that he runs and his personal one-on-one training sessions. I immediately told her that I wasn’t into things like that, that I didn’t do well with classes etc……anyway after seeing her weight drop off and how good she looked, jealousy kicked in and I decided to go see for myself. The rest as they say is history because I signed up with the Befittoday team in May 2011. I didn’t really think I would have been able to do it but I took it session by session, meal by meal.

I made the decision to change me, I knew it meant a lot of hard work, sacrifice and a lot of discipline. I started to feel healthy, no more water breaks while going up 4 flights of stairs. My skin was clearer, healthy. Most importantly the hard work was paying off because the weight was coming off, clothes getting baggy. I felt really good and the compliments certainly made me smile.

All through I had Tj yelling at me to keep at it, 10 more seconds, all of that. But he was there to encourage me when I was feeling down or tired of the whole thing. When I needed someone to say well done after doing 10 burpees….

It’s been an interesting journey; I’m definitely happy I signed up to BFT because I tried to lose weight before and failed miserably at it. I now wear size 16-18, I like to say size 17. I’m still at it and I plan to keep at it until I attain my goal and then work at maintaining it……Thanks BFT, loving the new, hot me

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