Get fit Together With Boot Camp by Be Fit Today in Whitechapel, Canning Town, Brixton and Surrounding Areas of East London

Build your own workout group

Going to the gym or out for a run on your own may not be an inviting prospect. Joining a group with a shared aim will help you get results faster. Boot camps are increasing in popularity because they are fun and yet help you to work towards the figure you want.

Get together and get fit with friends at a time and venue of your choice. We offer boot camps for groups across East London. Whether you’re going on
holiday, getting married or just looking to get toned whilst having fun, our boot camps are designed to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

You simply provide your group, and we shall provide the trainer. Suggest a suitable venue in East London and convenient times, and we will do our best to fit it. Your boot camp group will sign up for 4, 8 or 12 week blocks as you prefer. Great for team building, wedding teams or holiday groups.

Here are the requirements below:

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