What Hannah Says About Us?

“BFT not only helped transform my body but also my lifestyle and attitude to food and health. I started working with TJ in January 2011 and never looked back. He is a Personal Trainer and an expert in food nutrition, fitness and health.”

TJ has been my fitness mentor on and off the treadmill, continuously supporting and motivating me with my fitness and weight goals. I have progressed tremendously with the support of BFT and will continue to meet my goals and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. Thank you, TJ, Hxx

What Chloe Says About Us?

Since training with TJ Ossai and BeFitToday, I have achieved great and fast results! My fitness, power and strength has drastically improved. I am lighter and more powerful now. He has always been there for me and making sure I achieve my potential at competitions. Without his support and expertise I wouldn’t be where I am today! I would definitely recommend training with BeFitToday what ever your fitness goals.


What James Rubin Says About Us?

I was fed up with being unfit and unhealthy, so I enlisted Tj and befittoday. I had moved over to the UK from Australia and needed a completely new start. I have to say it was tough at the beginning, but 3 years later I’m still here with befittoday. My life has changed and when I travel back home every year I get the same positive reaction about how fit I look.

I am an agent for music artists which means travelling all over the world very often . This potentially could hamper my workouts, but Im always in contact with TJ who provides my hotel workouts and keeps my eating in check. Healthy living is now a way of life for me. Thank you TJ and befittoday.co.uk!

What Damie Says About Us?

I have been with befittoday 3 years now, and it really has transformed my life. I am a senior house officer in the biggest trauma centre in London and I was always under the impression that I didn’t have time for exercise. With this attitude and junk food being so easily available my blood pressure became that of a 70 year old and at 5 foot 10 inches I weighed over 250 lbs, I was obese.

TJ was simply fantastic. First off his dedication and genuine concern for MY health inspired me to strive to change my lifestyle. He neatly and efficiently tailored my work out schedule to fit into my chaotic schedule. Every session is different and you never feel like you are falling into a monotonous routine. Not only is your body challenged physically, but you are challenged to change your mind set.

I think that has been the key to not only losing over 50 pounds but to keeping it off. Another great feature of befittoday is the twice weekly circuit classes. These are great because you get to see and be encouraged by all the other members of the befittoday family (clients, trainers and olympic athletes). All in all, I would recommend befittoday to anyone and everyone. My health has never been better and I have more energy at work and at home. The support and the kinship I have with TJ and the rest of the family is second to none.

What Jay Hunponu-Wusu Says About Us?

Weight……Hate it. I had always been a big girl. I used the excuse of it runs in the family for a very long time. I started my slow and steady climb to size 24 when I was about 8 years old. Honestly I didn’t know how big I was, I carried myself well and dressed appropriately for my size. bloodstream.
In January 2011 one of my girlfriends told me she started working out, met a personal trainer at her local gym and has started a program with him. She told me about the circuit classes that he runs and his personal one-on-one training sessions. I immediately told her that I wasn’t into things like that, that I didn’t do well with classes etc……anyway after seeing her weight drop off and how good she looked, jealousy kicked in and I decided to go see for myself. The rest as they say is history because I signed up with the Befittoday team in May 2011. I didn’t really think I would have been able to do it but I took it session by session, meal by meal.

I made the decision to change me, I knew it meant a lot of hard work, sacrifice and a lot of discipline. I started to feel healthy, no more water breaks while going up 4 flights of stairs. My skin was clearer, healthy. Most importantly the hard work was paying off because the weight was coming off, clothes getting baggy. I felt really good and the compliments certainly made me smile.

All through I had Tj yelling at me to keep at it, 10 more seconds, all of that. But he was there to encourage me when I was feeling down or tired of the whole thing. When I needed someone to say well done after doing 10 burpees….

It’s been an interesting journey; I’m definitely happy I signed up to BFT because I tried to lose weight before and failed miserably at it. I now wear size 16-18, I like to say size 17. I’m still at it and I plan to keep at it until I attain my goal and then work at maintaining it……Thanks BFT, loving the new, hot me

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