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Healthy eating is an essential part of a good lifestyle. I always tell my weight loss clients that following good food habits accounts for 80% of their ability to lose weight and keep it off and 20% derives from a consistent exercise regime.


About Our Packages



14 day Quick Fix Shredder!

14 continuous days of fat burning totalling 18 training sessions

2 x massage therapy sessions

Special food plan

£33 per session


Consulting package

So you thought you couldn’t afford Personal Training? Try our consulting packages and get the guidance you need. From £69.99 per month!


Build your own workout group

You simply provide your group, and we shall provide the trainer.

Suggest the suitable venue and times, and we will do our best to fit it.

From £10 per session!


Personal training options

Our personal trainer service is to provide convenience. We want clients to benefit from our first class training methods in their own homes, nearest park or gym. Personal training is all about motivation, support, discipline, transforming a client’s attitude plus achieving results within a targeted time.

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